PLEASE NOTE: MythiCalia 5 (2012) has been cancelled.





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Unfortunately, after the cautiously optimistic post on the 23rd extending registration, a development I only found out about on the morning of the 24th means that MythiCalia is cancelled in 2012. At this time I feel it's highly unlikely I will ever attempt another gather like this; I'm just too burnt out on the stress and grief year after year. Having to cancel the event two years running for similar lacks of attendance is pretty much a nail in the coffin.

There are still some spots available, so registration has been extended until September 26th. If you are interested in coming on Thursday, park policy is that reservations are taken no less than 48 hours in advance, so deadline to reserve a site for Thursday would be Tuesday, September 25th. After that it's first-come, first-served. As of this writing, all of our sites are still available on Thursday night, except the one Cel and I will be in.

With three weeks left until the gather, I would like to mention that next week is the deadline for us to cancel any unneeded campsites. Baxil was kind enough to help me reserve the sites in the first place by putting two on his credit card, but if I cannot guarantee that we will have enough separate parties to have at least one occupant per site (right now the majority of the people registered are in small groups each sharing single sites, rather than solo folks split up across all the sites), I need to tell him soonest so he is able to cancel those two and get a refund. That in turn will lower the cap on attendance and number of vehicles.

So if you have been holding off, while registration is open until September 23, I encourage you to register by September 11 at the latest to ensure that there is a space available for you. It is OK not to pay the registration fee right away - that can always wait until you have your next paycheck or whatever. It is the registration and commitment to attend I am most concerned with.

Hope to see you there!

In about 24 hours (before I fly off to a Harry Potter con in Seattle on Thursday) the registration fee will go up from the early rate to the regular rate of $55 per person. Get your bids in now, lads!


There has been a change to the registration form to accomodate attendance of minors aged 16-17 with parental permission. Previously, the rule was that no one under 18 could attend without a parent present, and that those under 14 were free (kids-in-tow) while those 14-17 paid full price. The new version states that no one under 16 may attend without a parent, but are free as kids-in-tow, and those aged 16-17 must obtain their parent's signature on a provided form to be able to attend without a parent and pay full price.

I have received another registration and with the resolution of the deal with minors we should have three more shortly, for a total of ten so far. Not bad with eight weeks to go. There are still open spaces on the schedule, too!

I'm beginning to develop the more detailed workshop schedule, although everything is still tentative at this time. I'm basically trying to see how things might fit together and determine if there's any need to split things into two tracks. (As yet there are not enough people registered for that to be sensible.)

There's just two and a half more weeks left until registration goes up to $55 per person!

Testing the RSS feed.

Added a couple thoughts/suggestions to the workshop schedule. I've heard from a couple more people interested in coming.

We now have a total of six people registered and paid, and I have received a "statement of intent" (so to speak) from one other person saying he will be coming with 1-3 more people. Seven weeks remaining until registration fee goes up to $55 per person.

Updated the schedule. I will not be actually pencilling in times until I have more of an idea how many total workshops have been proposed, but so far, the following have been proposed this year:

Energy work with the Seelie and Unseelie Courts
Planar travel and etiquette
Draestari history
Aspecting: expressing the inner mythic being
Ritual for entering the mythic world

(Sounds exciting to me!)

Registration for MythiCalia 2012 is now open. Early registration fee is $45 per person; this will go up to $55 per person after August 15th.

This year is an experiment with booking several "family" sites next to each other. We will have to share each site between a few people, but I hope this will enable folks to retreat to more private areas if they wish, rather than feeling required to always be doing the same things together because we're all in one group site.

However, this arrangement also means that there will be a limit on how many tents we can set up, and most importantly, a limit of 16 cars. Please carpool if you can!

Since few people have usually come on Thursday, we'll be returning to just 3 official days this year: September 28th-30th, 2012. However, if you'd like to arrive Thursday, it may be possible (Celebron and Arethinn, at least, will be there). You would have to visit the park website or call the park yourself to reserve one of our campsites for Thursday, and pay your own way for that night. Check the relevant box on the registration form if you're interested.