PLEASE NOTE: MythiCalia 5 (2012) has been cancelled.





Registration: Everyone must pre-register, because there are caps on attendance and number of vehicles. As of 9/23/12 there are still a few spots available, so registration has been extended until September 26th or until all space is filled.

Registration fees: $55 per person for Friday through Sunday. If you need some other arrangement, such as you cannot arrive until Saturday or need to do a one-day trip with no overnight stay, mention this in the comment box or email me to ask about reduced registration fees.

Thursday (Sept 27) attendance: To arrive Thursday, you must separately reserve one of our sites for yourself for that night. A fee of $37 (or $40 if you reserve by phone) will be due directly to the park. Park policy is that less than 48 hours advance is first-come, first-served, so advance reservation for Thursday is only available until Tuesday, 9/25/12. After that, you would be taking a chance on whether a site will be open; however, as of 9/23/12, all our sites were still available for Thursday (except the one Cel and I will be in). If you are interested in coming on Thursday, please check the box in the registration form below and I will send you the relevant information.

Minors: This gather is aimed at adults and older teens. You must be at least 18 years of age by September 27, 2012 to attend on your own. All ages are permitted if a parent or guardian is present, but please be aware that the scheduled activities are not really suited for young teens and children. Ages 15-17 are full adult price; ages 14 and under are free as kids-in-tow. In either case, the parent(s) must fill out the registration form and list children where indicated.

Couples, families, or similar groups: If you are in a group traveling together, you can have one person act as the contact for the group and make a single group payment. If you choose to do that, please have the person who will be making the group payment fill out the form. List ALL names in your group in the "Name(s)" box and be sure to correctly fill out the TOTAL numbers of cars and tents the group will bring. Check the boxes for workshops, selling crafts, etc. if ANYONE in the group is interested in giving a workshop or selling. (I will contact you for clarification.)

If you have any questions that you need answered before you will know if you can (or want to) register, please join the mailing list or email me to ask before filling out this form.

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How many cars, total, will be in this group?
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How many tents, total, will be in this group?
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