PLEASE NOTE: MythiCalia 5 (2012) has been cancelled.





You can also see past schedules for MythiCalia.

Schedule for 2012

This year's schedule has been subject to more than the usual amount of flux. Things are still being worked out as of 9/23/12 and may well not be finalized until the moment happens. Below is a brief summary of what's currently on the schedule or under consideration; scroll down for more specific details.

  • Aspecting: expressing the inner mythic being, discovering your Other-self
  • Ritual for entering the mythic world
  • Why otherkin? A group discussion
  • Experimenting with a faery gate
  • Scrying
  • Energy-tasting: examine samples of different kinds of energies
  • Simple energy exercises

If you would like to present a workshop, talk, performance, ritual, etc., email me with a title and brief description (2-3 sentences) and how you would like your name to appear.

The site officially opens at 1 PM Friday. You can arrive at 1 PM on Thursday if you book one of our sites for yourself on Thursday. (If interested, check the box on the registration form.)

Park gates close at 7 PM. Make sure to arrive by that time on the day you come. If possible, plan to arrive before 5 PM (it gets dark early down in the trees).

The site officially closes at 11 AM Sunday. This may be somewhat flexible if no one is scheduled to arrive after us on Sunday afternoon. (We'll know more about this at the time of the gather.)

Quiet time is 10 PM to 7 AM. We can continue to have discussions after 10, but we will need to be careful of noise levels.

Caveat attendee: Everything on the schedule is subject to change right up until the moment it occurs. Otherkin schedules have a tendency to... not be, yanno? (Solid schedules, that is.)


Thursday activities, if any, depend on how many people book sites for Thursday night. As of 9/23/12 there are only two of us, so as yet there is nothing specific planned for Thursday or for Friday morning.


1 PM

Site opens


Arrival and setup

Possible slot - Open (TBD)



As evening descends, we'll light the balefire.

Gates to the Realm of Myth and Legend
We have all had experiences that bring us a little closer to the mythic realm: a sudden eerie noise in a dark basement that makes us believe in the boogeyman, or a trial that made us want to believe that someone or something really would answer our prayers. With the help of the mistress of the featherless flying beasts that dwell in the Great Between, we will work to bridge the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary, and open the gates to the Mythic realm. (Linnea)

Faery gate experiment
Last summer I made something with cloth and stones and glitter, intended to be a tool for bringing in energies from the Faery realm - but I haven't had a chance to really try it out! We'll examine the "gate" and see how well, or if, it works, how it might be improved, etc. (Arethinn)




Why Otherkin?
A group discussion about theories on why otherkin exist, why now, do we have any purpose here, etc. Are we something of the "dreamtime" emerging again into the everyday world, reconnecting the worlds, as in the tales of when animals spoke the tongues of men and the faery races wed with humankind? Are we spiritual hybrids with human souls, perhaps with "hybrid vigor"? Is it just all a giant mistake? Share your thoughts and ideas. (Arethinn)



Energy Fountain
A basic energy-flowing exercise that helps cleanse the subtle body and clear energy channels. We'll use an experimental adaptation that tries not to rely on the common seven-chakra model, since otherkin often exhibit varying energetic systems. (Arethinn)

Energy Tasting
Examine the resonances of various species, locations, elements, etc. See how you perceive them and how they match up with your own internal conception of such types of energy. (Celebron)

Possible third slot - Open (TBD)

Possible potluck dinner - TBD


As evening descends, we'll light the balefire.

Description TBA. (Pixie)

Discovering Your Other-Self
A guided meditation with physical props and motion, and a safe space for you to truly express your other-nature. Come to discover who you are, deepen your understanding of your other-self, or simply to support others in their journey. All are welcome! (Linnea)

Low-Key, Off-Key, Kin-Key, Oh-Hell-Just-Throw-Away-the-Key Bardic
Got a song, story, or poem, or even just a few jokes? Anything goes! We invite you to bring acoustical musical instruments, if you play any. A notebook of faery/elven/otherkin-related selections will be available to read from if you like.




Breakdown and packing/Feedback period
What worked, what didn't? Also, discussion of plans for other local events.

11 AM

Site closes