July 21-24, 2011
Southwest WA

PLEASE NOTE: all information on this website is provided for historical interest only. There are no plans for another Feywood event.





7/25/11  Despite some last-minute panic over unexpected unregistered people and cancellations that brought the actual number of people down from 17 to a peak of 13, things turned out fairly well, I think. We had only four people on Thursday but we managed to keep ourselves fairly entertained. Most people showed up Friday afternoon and one more on Saturday. The weather was really nice after the first day. The workshop schedule got completely changed around due to cancellations and people not showing up when I had originally expected them to, but that'll happen (that sort of thing is why the schedule bills itself as not set in anything like stone).

7/20/11  Weather forecast: Thursday, cool (high 65/low 49) and probably raining. Friday through Sunday, cloudy to clear and warm, with highs mid-70s and lows low 50s. A last workshop has been added to the schedule.

7/17/11  Another workshop added to the schedule, and I think we've made the 15-person site minimum (at least on Friday and Saturday)! Woo!

7/12/11 Time draws short! We're up to 12 people attending, unless I miss my count.

6/30/11 Added a workshop description to the schedule.

6/24/11  Registrations have held steady at only 11 people, although I hear rumor of four more possible. Please feel free to post on your journal, blog, Facebook, etc.!

5/19/11  Registrations (not all paid) are up to 11. It's not quite critical mass but it's certainly enough to be going on with. I would still love to get up to about 20 people, though, so keep talking things up, everyone!

5/16/11  Schedule updated again.

5/9/11  Added another item to the schedule.

5/7/11 Counting husband and myself, there are currently 8 registrations and I've heard promises from 3 more. This site can accomodate at least 24, so keep spreading the word!

3/15/11 Some workshops have been added to the schedule.

3/9/11  Registration is now open!

11/29/10 Mailing list should be functioning now.

8/10/10 Main page has been updated with general registration fee for whole event. (Various reduced rates still TBA.)

8/8/10 I was encouraged by the "sure, I'm interested" numbers, which is why I did this - if everyone who expressed interest actually came, counting myself and my husband there will be 20 of us there, which would be a dream come true for me. Outlook is good :)